Sparkling in Pink

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Sparkling in Pink

Introduction by Nikki Bayley

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With so much anxiety-inducing talk of “social bubbles” these days, how pleasant to think pink and sip on sparkling bubbles instead! We asked three Whistler sommeliers to talk us through their favourite pink picks when it comes to sparkling wine. Perfect to pair with food, superb to sip on the patio and probably one of the few alcoholic beverages you can order with brunch and still feel gloriously glam, here’s our salute to rosé sparkling wine.

8th Generation “Confidence” Frizzante

Patio season is in full swing, and here at Basalt, we couldn’t be happier! A gorgeous summer day in Whistler calls for something vibrant and fresh. Our Village Stroll patio faces all the action, and is where many of our guests enjoy our selection of rosé wine. This wine by 8th Generation from Summerland, B.C., is made in the “Frizzante” style, where CO2 from the fermentation is stored and then injected back into the winemaking process to create soft bubbles that glisten with each sip. Pinot Noir introduces flavours of wild strawberries, and Pinot Gris arrives to transform the wine with a cream-soda style of finish. The refreshing acidity makes this a natural food pairing option for all times of the day, especially with our pan-seared barramundi, featuring a pickled gem tomato caper relish, warm red quinoa, and roasted carrot salad.

It’s also available in a 375 ml bottle, for when you’ve got just a little bit of time before heading to the lake, or golf course, for that extra “confidence”!

Matt Salakas
Wine Director / Assistant Manager
Basalt Wine + Salumeria,
604-962-9011 |

Medici Ermete Phermento

There is something special about enjoying a glass of sparkling wine with food. And there is a sparkler for any occasion and budget. There are many to choose from in Italy and a variety of styles from different regions.

This Lambrusco is produced in the Emilia-Romagna region using the Ancestral method, a style of sparkling wine production using the natural yeasts and sugars of the grapes. As opposed to the “technological” approach in which, through the “liqueur de triage,” selected sugar and yeast are added to create the bubbles. Based on the grape variety Lambrusco di Sorbara, this dry wine is a bright pink with a snappy crackle and bold notes of red fruit.

Serve well-chilled with a plate of Antipasti with two of Quattro’s classic appetizers, Arancini and Radicchio Bocconcini, served stile familiare, family-style on a sunny patio.

Geoff Weddell
General Manager and Sommelier
Quattro at Whistler, 604-905-4844

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé

At Bearfoot Bistro, when we think of perfect pink bubbles, it simply must be Champagne, because let’s be honest: Nothing is better. Although Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart both are credited with having created the first rosé in Champagne, Laurent-Perrier is recognized as the benchmark for pink bubbles in the region. While some rosés are an afterthought to fulfill a demand in the market, the Cuvée Rosé at Laurent-Perrier is their signature wine. This wine is made from all their best grapes and gets the most attention.

Their devotion to quality results in an elegant, crisp, and dry wine with aromas of ripe red fruit, which offers a sense of plunging into a basket of freshly picked strawberries and raspberries. Cuvée Rosé is a very versatile wine for food pairing, and at Bearfoot Bistro, we love it with raw fish, cured salmon or a variety of spicy dishes. Still, our favourite pairing is with a dish featuring Ibérico de Bellota, the extraordinary Spanish cured ham.

Luc Trottier
Wine Director / Bar Manager
Bearfoot Bistro, 604-932-3433