Karin Bubaš

Karin Bubaš

Contemporary Vancouver Photographer
Unites Figure and Landscape

Story by Katherine Fawcett

Karin Bubaš - Woman with Eagles
2017, chromogenic print on paper
Audain Art Museum Collection
Gift of Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa

C oming to the Audain Art Museum (AAM) this fall, Karin Bubaš’s stunning photographs have a mysterious “film noir” feel like they’ve been spliced from the screen of an Alfred Hitchcock or Michelangelo Antonioni movie. The long, detailed images, bold and breathtaking, feature a solitary female figure whose back is to the viewer. The woman appears to be lost in thought. Meditation? Regret? Hope? Contemplation? As she gazes at a dramatic background, such as a barren desert or a forest of eagle-studded trees. Questions arise as to the force of nature, female power, vulnerability, and representation.

Bubaš, a North Vancouver native who studied at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, has been widely recognized for her pastel drawings, paintings, and photography. The AAM’s Upper Gallery is a perfect place to showcase her lens work, with the enormous panoramic windows looking out to forests and mountains.

The upcoming Bubaš exhibition, Garden of Shadows, includes a custom piece created for the AAM entitled Winter Scene at Alexander Falls. In conjunction with the show, the AAM is publishing a book on Bubaš’s work that will include an interview conducted by legendary Canadian author Douglas Coupland. “The book is a deep dive into Karin’s work,” said AAM Director and Chief Curator Curtis Collins of the new book. “It’s another way to celebrate the art of British Columbia.”

Karin Bubaš: Garden of Shadows will run from Sept. 23, 2023, to Jan. 29, 2024. audainmuseum.com

Post Featured Image:
Karin Bubaš - Winter Scene at Alexander Falls
2022, archival pigment print