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Head-Line Mountain Holidays


Experience the difference: Head-Line Mountain Holidays offers unique, year-round luxury wilderness experiences with direct helicopter transfers from Whistler and Vancouver to our exclusive Ice Cap Base Camp at 6,000 feet. Our signature Heli Ice Cave Explore experience by snowcoach, snow buggy or snowmobile with Canada’s most experienced, knowledgeable ice cave guides provides in-depth knowledge of this evolving magical landscape. All experiences can be customized for your private, corporate or family gathering. A myriad of bespoke add-ons to suit your every desire from chef-de-cuisine to private islands and mega yachts ensure your experience can’t be replicated.
Exclusive Head-Line Features:
30 Year Experience
Ice Cave Complex
Ice Cap Base Camp at 6000'
Heli Sledding, Snowcoach & Snow Buggy

Call 604-902-6415, or visit headlinemountainholidays.com.


  • Whistler, BC
  • 604-902-6415
  • Website
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